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KUJMCE Distinguished Lecture Series

Distinguished Lecture Series: Andreas Wirsching (November 23, 2020)

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On November 23rd, Jean Monnet EU Centre hosted a special lecture, "Lessons from Germany's Reconciliation with Its Neighbours." Andreas Wirsching, a professor at the University of Munich presented his expertise on Germany's reconciliation process. He stressed that the process of reconciliation was complicated and tedious, therefore, it is essential to analyze by discerning its basic elements and its driving factors of Germany's reconciliation process with its neighbours. In the latter part of his lecture, the speaker talked about some shortcomings of the reconciliation process in Europe, at the same time asking what lessons may be drawn from the European experience. After the lecture, a lively Q&A session followed. Professors, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students from Korea University actively participated in the session to learn more about Germany's reconciliation and its lessons for Northeast Asia.

The recorded version is available in:  https://youtu.be/2RUBso9lReo




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