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KUJMCE Distinguished Lecture Series

Distinguished Lecture Series: Chang Rhyong Oh (November 30, 2020)

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On November 30th, Jean Monnet EU Centre invited Dr. Chang Rhyong Oh from KU Nordic-Benelux Centre for an online lecture titled, “Reconciliation Diplomacy between Germany and France: A Korean View.” In the lecture, he explained the Franco-German reconciliation process, which ended the hostility originating from the two world wars. Specifically, he mentioned the historical significance of the Élysée Treaty and Aachen Treaty, and their implications for Korea-Japan relations. Moreover, Dr. Oh described in detail the chronology of summit meetings that led to those treaties. Throughout the lecture, he stressed that reconciliation requires time, patience, and mutual trust. After the session, students enthusiastically asked questions and had an engaging discussion on the topic issue. Thanks to Dr. Oh, everyone enjoyed an insightful and informative session.

The recorded version is available in:  https://youtu.be/thmwXxky5V0 




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