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The Executive Meeting for Recruitment

After the 2021 Spring semester ends, the executives held a meeting to prepare for the next semester. The agenda for this meeting included recruitment of the next executives, final report, and issuance of a certificate.

First, the recruitment of the next executives is scheduled for early August. The current executives will announce the recruitment by making a poster, uploading application forms, and promoting through KakaoTalk and SNS(Instagram). And unlike before, the recruitment will be conducted by submitting an application form by e-mail.

Second, the executives checked the contents necessary for writing the final report. It was checked whether the activities planned at the beginning of the semester were carried out according to the schedule, and the contents to be added were discussed.

Third, the issuance of certificates was discussed. Unlike last semester, this semester, it was decided to issue confirmation certificates only to presenters who participated in more than 80% of official activities. The treasurer will check the number of students and issue a certificate.



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