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EU Society at KUGSIS

EU Society <Sixth Meeting of Year 3> (11/24/21)

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EURoad Towards A Common Army

The EU Society held its sixth meeting on November 24th and it is also a joint meeting with the Human Rights Society with Manuel Seal Preciados presenting on the topic "EU: Road to a Common Army?" He began by sketching out the current EU/European Defense Structures. Some organizations, such as NATO and Europol, were created to help EU member states combat international crime. He also outlined the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP) in detail, including the contents of FRONTEX, the European Defense Agency (EDA), the Military Committee of the European Union (EUMC), the European Union Military Staff (EUMS), and the PESCO principles. Following the presentation, certain benefits and arguments on whether the EU could create a joint force were examined. In a word, the chances of the EU having a combined army are slim, owing to a lack of political will, divergent perceptions of danger, conflicts of interests, budget issues, leadership authority, and so on.



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