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EU Society at KUGSIS

EU Society <Tenth Meeting of Year 3> (05/04/22)

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The EU Enlargement Perspective-Case of Georgia 

On May 5th, the EU society held its third meeting this semester. The speaker, Lortkipanidze Nino, discussed on the EU Enlargement Perspective—Case of Georgia. Her presentation was organized into three parts: 1. The History of EU-Georgia Relations; 2. Membership Prospects; and 3. The Stumbling blocks. Georgia has been working to enhance its ties with the EU since 1991. Georgia is a 'associated' member of the EU, which ensures it has free trade and visa-free access to the majority of EU markets. Georgia has been recognized as an official EU candidate for future EU expansion. However, major roadblocks such as occupied areas, Russia, and democratic backsliding may make the journey to the EU arduous and troublesome. The outbreak of the Russia-Georgia War in 2008 confirms Russia's strong opposition to the EU or NATO's further expansion to the east. In internal environment, Georgia failed to meet its third pledge on judicial reform and withdrew from the EU-brokered deal. Despite the numerous challenges that Georgia has experienced, the majority of Georgians (78 percent) support EU membership. As people wish, Georgia will be able to join the EU in the not-so-distant future.



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