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EU Society at KUGSIS

EU Society <Twelfth Meeting of Year 3> (05/25/22)

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The EU Society conducted its fifth meeting on May 28th. Courtney Jones, the presenter, delivered a speech regarding European immigration to the United States from 1815 to the 1900s. She began by depicting the immigration procedures and overall patterns on an immigration map. The characteristics and motivations of English, German, and Irish immigrants are highlighted. The year 1907 was the peak year for immigration, with the pursuit of wealth and religious liberty being the primary motivations for individuals to leave their native countries. British immigration has had a significant impact on European immigration to the United States. These immigrants have more or less affected the cultural system in the United States and sparked conflict and oppression when attempting to promote their religion.

In the discussion section, several points were addressed on the perspectives and attitudes of Europeans regarding immigration to the United States. Many EUS members believe that the United States was a popular wealth-seeking destination in the previous year, but Europeans are hesitant to come to the United States nowadays.

After the lecture, EUS members went to supper together, where everyone had a good time and enjoyed the food.



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