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From June 28th to 29th, the European Union Studies Association at Asia Pacific (referred to as the "EUSA-AP") hosted this year's conference in Melbourne, Australia. Two undergraduate students from international studies major, Yunseo Jung and Jaehyun Oh, participated in this conference to present their research papers.

Both students wrote persuasive and well-polished academic papers based on intriguing research topics. Yunseo wrote about the EU-Asia Connectivity strategy and its key attributes. She included an in-depth comparative analysis of the EU's connectivity strategy and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in China to suggest directions for their compatibility. Jaehyun's paper was about the impact of Covid-19 on EU refugees from the perspective of international human rights law. By comparing the human rights situations in Italy and Germany, she illustrated the unique challenges refugees faced due to the pandemic. During her presentation, she stressed the need for better protection of asylum rights in the EU.



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