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SPEAC Final International Conference

Jean Monnet SPEAC Final International Conference (June, 2022)

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On June 19-20, Jean Monnet EU Centre had the final workshop for the SPEAC Network Project. The seminar was held in Brussels inviting the scholars from South Korea, Germany, Poland, Sweden and guest speakers from England, Malaysia, and the European Union. The academics presented the papers under the larger theme of EU-Asia connectivity. Varying from economics to linguistic perspective, the conference was divided into three sessions and one discussion. The first session discussed about conceptual framework that provided context for the later discussions. Next session was about actors and institutions, which involved digital connectivity, sustainability, and evaluation on ASEM. The third session discussed the policies, including energy, trade, narratives, and development banks. For the last session, scholars had active discussion on the current, imminent issues realistic hinderances and perspectives on Europe and Asia’s relations.


Session 1. 



 Europe-Asia Connectivity in Times of Security Crises: Concepts, Contexts and Contestations:

Prof. Sebastian Bersick (RUB University) and Prof. Anna Michalski (Uppsala University)

 The Role of the EU as a Global Connectivity Leader in an Age of Geopolitics: 

Prof. Anna Michalski and Prof. Charles Parker (Uppsala University)

Discussant: Prof. Azirah Hashim (Asia-Europe Institute)

Session 2. 

Case Studies: 

Actors and 

Institutions (Part 1)

 China, the EU and Digital Connectivity: A framework for Global Data Governance:

Ms. Mireia Paulo Noguera (RUB University)

 Promoting the EU’s Role in the World: Leadership and Sustainability in the Connectivity Strategy towards Asia:

Prof. Anna Michalski and Prof. Charles Parker (Uppsala University)

 25 Years of ASEM and Asia-Europe Connectivity: Some Evidences

Prof. Myungho Park (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) and Prof. Sunghoon Park (Korea University)

Session 3. 

Case Studies: 

Actors and 

Institutions (Part 2)

Energy Connectivity between the EU and Northeast Asia: Energy Transition and Low-Carbon Path:

Prof. Jae-Seung Lee (Korea University)

Trade and Inverstment Policies in Europe-Asia Connectivity:

Prof. Pawel Pasierbiak and Prof. Tomasz Bialowas (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University)

EU’s Online Strategic Narratives of Europe-Asia Connectivity: Sentiment Analysis and Semantic Network Analysis:

Prof. Sae Won Chung (Pukyong National University) and Prof. Sung-Won Yoon (The University of Suwon)

Infrastructure and Connectivity: Similarity and Difference between AIIB and EIB:
Dr. Youngook Jang (KIEP)


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