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·         Presenters: Natalia Chaban (NCRE). Serena Kelly (NCRE), Franzisca Doser (NCRE).

Shifting frames: External and Internal Media Framing of Brexit (case of New Zealand).

Britain’s referendum decision to leave the European Union (EU) in June 2016, coupled with Prime Minister May’s emphatic stance that ‘BREXIT means BREXIT’[1] has resulted in political and economic uncertainty, not only in Britain[2] and Europe[3], but also around the world.[4] Whilst the British appear to be concerned mainly with the possible economic ramifications of post-BREXIT Britain, there is a concern on the continent that more EU Member States could opt out of the Union. Further afield, BREXIT has been intricately linked with the rise of US President elect, Donald Trump. Yet, until article 50 is triggered by Theresa May, little is known about the outcomes of the referendum result.

Using an established research methodology, this paper is interested in the New Zealand media’s coverage of BREXIT in three time periods – before the referendum, immediately after and around the US election. This coverage is important for a number of reasons including that New Zealand, a former British colony, suffered an economic, political and identity crisis when Britain joined the then European Economic Community in the 1970s.






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