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Announcement about the Journal of EU Society(JEUS) Publication 


The EUS is calling for papers for the JEUS publication. Every semester, EUS collects papers for the Journal of EU Society (JEUS). The qualified papers will be published on the EU Centre website, and the authors will receive an honorarium of 100,000 KRW.


The topic of the paper should be about either Europe or the European Union. If you would like to write a paper for JEUS, please submit your proposal which includes the following information until 1st December, midnight, to


1. Proposal Requirements:

- Name and student ID

- Contact (email)

- Affiliation (DIS/GSIS)

- Current semester (e.g. GSIS 2nd semester, DIS sophomore)

- Topic you want to write about (it must be related to Europe or European Union)

- Proposal should include: Brief introduction about the topic and a table of contents

2. Paper Requirements:

- About 5,000 words: excluding cover page, table of contents, and references

- Citation: footnote and reference list are required

- Times New Roman 12

3. Full paper submission deadline: 15th January, midnight

- Your paper will be evaluated by professors and the papers with sufficient quality will be published

- The honorarium will be transferred around the end of January


If you have any inquiry regarding the publication, please contact the EU Centre via email ( 


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