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Academic Essay Contest 2021: Call for Papers 



     Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence at Korea University supports diverse academic activities, where students can maximise their abilities and interests in European studies. In line with these efforts, EU Centre is holding an academic essay contest for both undergraduate and postgraduate students in Korea University. 

     We welcome papers on any research topic about Europe or EU. Students can submit their work individually or as a team of up to 3 persons. For your information, undergraduate and postgraduate students may register as a team together. The length of your paper should be around 5000-7000 words. 

     The due date to submit your final paper will be the end of June 2021, but we would like to review your proposal first to learn about your topic and help you navigate through your research. The three most outstanding works will be chosen and prize money will be awarded. Please note that any academic misconduct, including plagiarism, will lead to substantial penalties. If you are willing to participate, please send us your resume and proposal via email by May 7th

     For further inquiries, please feel free to contact Prof. Seung-Hwan Yoon (jmeuce@korea.ac.kr) at Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence at Korea University, located on the 1st floor of International Studies Hall.



2020 Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence 논문 경연대회 안내


고려대학교  모네 EU 센터에서는 유럽에 대한 학생들의 관심을 독려하고자 해외 워크샵명사 초청 강연  다양한 학문적 기회를 제공해왔습니다.


작년에 이어 올해에도 EU 센터에서 논문경연대회를 개최 하오니 많은 관심과 참여 부탁드립니다.


대상고려대학교 재학생

주제유럽 또는 EU 에 관련된 자유 주제

제출서류연구 논문 (5000-7000단어)

서류 접수: 2021년 5월 7일까지 resume 와 연구 제안서 이메일 제출 (jmeuce@korea.ac.kr)  

최종 제출: 2021년 6월 30

시상: 1,2,3등에게 상금 지급 예정

문의고려대학교 쟝모네 EU 센터 (국제관 1) (jmeuce@korea.ac.kr)


* 유의 사항

1)개인 또는 최대 3인의 공동작업이 가능하며학부생과 석사생이 함께 팀을 구성해도 무방합니다.

2)표절임이 밝혀질 경우 시상식 이후라도 시상 취소가 가능합니다. 




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