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2022 Online Panel Discussion 

The Belgian Embassy in Seoul is organizing a series of panel discussions this spring, around various themes. 


The main aim is to create an opportunity for Belgian and Korean organizations to come into contact with each other. In addition, we also wish to highlight the Belgian and Korean expertise and in this way encourage students, researchers and other interested parties to collaborate more with each other in the future. 


Viable strategies for climate change mitigation: Medium and short term scenarios for the future of tomorrow

Date/Time: April 21 Thursday, 17:00 

ID: 845 4981 9319



Malaria Research in Times of Covid

Date/Time: April 25 Monday, 16:00 

ID: 856 5556 8644



Lifelong Learning in classical and traditional music: perspectives on the music industry from Korea and Belgium

Date/Time: April 26 Tuesday, 16:00 

ID: 896 5433 9361



From the stores to the shores. The effects of microplastics on the environment

Date/Time: May 2 Monday, 16:00

ID: 882 5072 4421



Evolution during changing environmental conditions: can adaptation help mitigate the ongoing 6th extinction?

Date/Time: May 5 Thursday,  17:00 

ID: 839 5824 0884



The EU and its Indo-Pacific Strategy: Korea as a strategical centerpiece in the European outreach towards Asia

Date/Time: May 9 Monday, 19:30 

ID: 823 6126 3070



Hot and Windy: on the future of our energy How offshore wind and solar energy are reshaping the renewable energy scene

Date/Time: May 10 Tuesday, 16:00  

ID: 814 7684 0888



From the mind to the marketplace: which role do universities play in the making of spinoffs and start-ups

Date/Time: May 19 Thursday, 17:00 

ID: 890 4492 4552



Beating the market by beating the Bias: Why disability inclusion at work matters

Date/Time: June 2 Thursday, 17:00  

ID: 891 1901 8022  



Same Sex marriage in Asia and Europe: a step forward to full recognition of the LGBTI community. On how to enhance equal rights for sexual minorities

Date/Time: June 14 Tuesday, 17:00  

ID: 820 7762 4772



All panel discussions will last for about 1h30 and will take place in English. There will be a main discussion of 50 minutes, followed by a Q&A session, in which everyone can ask question to the panelists.


We invite you to share this invitation to anyone from your organization or partner organizations you believe would be interested in this event.

For the professors among you, we encourage you to share this invitation with your students,


Looking forward to your participation,

The Embassy of Belgium in Seoul



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